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  • Driving school Safe & Secure Driving Lessons in Rotterdam
  • Driving school Safe & Secure Driving Lessons in Rotterdam
  • Driving school Safe & Secure Driving Lessons in Rotterdam

Quality is not expensive

Tips to comparing driving schools / driving instructors

Some driving schools count 50 min as 1 les-hour.
With us one hour is still 60 min (€35 for 50 min is equal to €42 for 60 min).
Are there hidden costs during the exam: like administration or car rent.
With us it is included, no unexpected charges.
In a phone call see if the language skills of the intended instructor meets your expectations.
We invite you to have this conversation.
Especially when you like to lesson in an automatic car.
English instructors teaching in an automatic car are not easy to find.
Is the instructor familiar with your local habits.
90% of our students are internationals unlike most driving schools.
Several ways to save time and money.
See our FAQ for discounts.

Discount code available for Theory one day course.

Single prices

Driving lesson for 60 minutes (1 class is 90 min)
€ 40
Weekend Class, Evening Class or Crashcourse
€ 45


Package A 15 hours including practical exam
€ 820
Package B  30 hours including practical exam
€ 1400
Package C  45 hours including practical exam
€ 1990


Mock Exam
€ 230
Practical Exam
€ 230
Fear of Failure Exam
€ 230

Theory material in English

Theory book
€ 35
Theory mock exams to practice online
€ 35
Theory one day course with our partner specialized in teaching theory
€ 99


  • Theory book and mock exams package deal € 60
  • Discount code available for Theory one day course
  • Bring a friend who takes a package and you get 30 min for free

Fees for all exams should be paid before the exam can be scheduled. Once an exam is scheduled, any costs from the CBR will be charged.

The student may cancel or reschedule a driving class up to 24 hours in advance. Canceling within 24 hours 50% will be charged.

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