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Specially for Internationals / Expats

Experience with driving habits of Internationals / Expats

Experience with driving habits of Internationals / Expats

90% of our classes are in English, unlike other driving schools that mostly teach in Dutch. Our communication in English is fluent.

We understand Expats / Internationals need a different approach than Dutch students (grown up in the Netherlands). Driving habits in, for example, Asia, America or Africa are different from those in the Netherlands.

Maybe you recognize some of these habits:

  • a tendency to drive too much on the left side of the road
  • looking only a few meters ahead
  • biggest car gets the priority
  • unnecessary honking and braking
  • thinking slow driving is safe driving
  • not using the rear mirror properly

These habits are considered as unsafe in the Netherlands. We can help to correct this.

Refresh driving lessons for students with driver’s license

Some students didn’t drive for many years and just want to build up some confidence. Some students can exchange their foreign driver’s license for a Dutch license. Some students with a foreign driver’s license can’t exchange but are allowed to drive for 180 days.

It can be useful to take some classes……

  • to get familiar with the Dutch traffic/rules.
  • to gain some confidence before driving on your own.
  • to get rid of the habit, driving on the left side of the road.
  • to exercise lane parking, box parking or parking in a garage.
  • or maybe a specific route to your work, school or a friend’s home.

If you can’t exchange your foreign license and need to go for the Dutch exam, we can help to understand what the examiner expects. So you can use these 180 days to exercise on your own.

Driving lessons in automatic only

We are specialized in automatic gear cars. The demand for automatic driving classes is growing, but English speaking driving tutors, teaching in an automatic gear car is rare.

Driving lessons in English and Dutch

We teach in your preferred language so you can focus on driving instead of trying to understand the explanation.

Evening and weekends

Evening and weekend driving classes are possible. We know internationals have a busy schedule.

Crash course possible

Together we decide what’s in your best interest.

Help with Theory Exam

If you need to pass the Theory Exam, of course we have everything available to help passing. Click here for more information.

Experience with students with fear for driving

In the class we will not ask you to do anything out of your comfort. If you find something challenging we will build it up step by step. For example if highways are something you do not feel comfortable with. We will start slow then 50KM, 60/70KM, 80KM, 100KM and 120/130KM per hour, but always at your pace.

We believe structured driving classes and patience are key to the best results.

My advice: “Remain relax as long your instructor is relaxed.”

Your instructor is used to teach to students with fear.


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