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  • Refresher driving class
  • Drivers license lessons in English
  • Driving school Barendrecht, Delft and The Hague

Always handy to know

How long does one driving class take?
  • 90 or 120 min
  • Crash courses we decide together what benefits you the most.
What can I expect during my exam?

During the driving test, the examiner assesses whether you can drive safe and independent or not. Whether you consider the safety of your fellow traffic members.

The examiner pays attention to:

  • Control of the car
  • If you look and how you look
  • Do you understand when to give priority
  • Overtake
  • Driving on the highway
  • Driving on intersections and roundabouts
  • Special Manoeuvres (2 out of 7)

During the exam you get every chance to show your skills. Perfect driving is not necessary. Keeping it safe of course is. It’s about the overall picture. It is important how you react to the traffic and if you do or do not control the situation. In short, the examiner examines if you know enough and can take part in traffic safely and independently.

Special manoeuvres?
  1. Drive straight back 20 meters
  2. Lane parking / Parallel parking
  3. Box parking
  4. Reverse around the corner
  5. Revers in a street (3 points turning)
  6. Reverse in one go (180℃)
  7. Slope test / Hill test (Manual car)

Parking is not difficult, it’s just understanding what went wrong and how to correct this.

Fear for driving?

Rest assured, I will never ask you to do anything beyond your comfort.

Together we decide step by step how to get to your desired goal.
Always at your pace and comfort level.

Will I have the same instructor?
Yes. Every class a new face is not in our students benefit. Unless you prefer to switch. No hard feelings. Sometimes when we notice the student is stuck in a vicious circle, we even recommend it. But we always do this in consult with the student.
Will I drive in the same car?
Yes, unless you prefer to switch.
Pick up location?
We pick you up at the address of your preference. We can drop you off at a different location within our driving area. Of course discuss this beforehand with your instructor.
  • Bring a friend, get 30 min class for free.
  • Do your homework, save time in the class.
  • The special manoeuvres are structured and built on top of the previous.
  • With consent of the student, we can combine classes with multiple students so you can learn from each other.

You can learn from good behaviour as well from mistakes. Oh this is how I should do it or, this I is what I should not do. Sitting in the back of the car can give you new insights.

Pro and cons automatic gear cars?

Focus on the traffic rules and hazard perception instead on handling/fighting with the clutch.

Less classes are necessary, so financially interesting.

Electric, hybrid and most new luxury cars have an automatic gear.

Most internationals (on temporary basis here) don’t bother about clutching.

Automatic gear is more relaxed in the city. Especially in a traffic jam where you need to move stop, move stop constantly.

Parking on a hill, driving up or down a slope, accelerating at a traffic light, entering the highway etc….


If you go for the exam to get a Dutch driver’s license in an automatic gear car. You can only drive automatic gear cars. If you get the license in a manual, you are allowed to drive both.

Of course if you have your automatic drivers license and gained driving experience in an automatic car. After a while you can take few classes just to learn clutching and easily pass for the manual  exam. We will support you in this process

Can you help me with the Theory Exam?

We have a theory book available in English for the theory exam.

We have Theory MOCK Exams available which simulate the real exam.

Most students pass in their first attempt when they study combined with the book and the Mock.

Advice: take the book and the online training.

Bear in mind: failing once is more expensive and time consuming.

If you need extra explanation we can help you with a one day theory course (€100).

Deals / packs?
Yes we have packs see our prices.
How many classes will I need?
After the first class the instructor can give you an indication. When you already have driving experience, fighting bad driving habits is difficult to estimate.
Specific Requests?
  • Safely fill fuel
  • Get familiar with the Dutch traffic/rules
  • Getting rid of certain habits like driving too much on the left side of the road
  • Parking in a garage
  • Driving to your work, school or a friend’s home
  • Just gain some confidence before driving on your own

Everything is possible as long as safety is preserved.

At what age can you start driving?
  • 16 years old: Theory exam
  • 16,5 years old: driving classes are allowed
  • 17 years old: Practical driving exam allowed
  • If you pass the practical exam, till your 18th birthday, a licensed driving coach (for example parents) is mandatory.
Driving class when you are pregnant?
Yes it is allowed till you feel comfortable. Just bear in mind, the safety belt never goes over the belly. So over the hips and over the shoulder.


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