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May I introduce myself?

Hi, I am Hendri Dihal,

Certified driving instructor teaching in Rotterdam and surroundings.
Married and father of two great daughters.

Specialized to instruct in an automatic car.
My driving classes are always in English with Expats / Internationals from all over the world, unlike most instructors who mostly teach in Dutch.

In my classes you may expect:

Every exercise will be built up step by step at your pace
Understanding why, makes how easier
It’s not in my nature to shout
Flexible planning
I understand Internationals have a busy schedule
I always do my best to arrive on time. This is also what I expect from my students
Anything you can prepare at home, saves time in the class

Between a tutor and a student there has to be a click. There is no best teacher or best teaching method for “all” students. What works for one student does not have to work for another. If I think another instructor will get my student more progress. For sure I will bring this up.

I believe having only 1 class with a student who recommends me to friends will bring me further in life.

In my opinion, the best deal is when both opponents win. If one gains and the other loses, it’s a bad deal.

Students appreciate me most when they come to me after taking classes at another drivingschool.

My recommendation: take classes with other instructors first than try 1 with me.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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